Aviation Management

Indian Aviation Industry is to grow at the rate of 25% in next two years. Keeping in view this expectation, there cannot be any better time than today to enter in this field. Several institutes have started courses of Aviation Management. Diploma course can be for a duration from six months to two years.

Glitzy career in Advertising sector

Advertisements telecast on television have impressive impact on every person – be it young or old. It is difficult to escape from influence of fascinating advertisements.

Career in Fashion and Designing

For developing human resources necessary for development of the nation, the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who had global approach, established National institutes which exist in Gujarat.

Scientific and Industrial Research field (CSIR)

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research was established in September, 1942 with a view to boost researches in the scientific and industrial fields. The objective of this organization is to establish research centers in various parts of the country for inventions for various public utility.

Career as Airman in Defense sector

Government of India, while increasing budget for Defense sector to the extent of 34%, has expressed its concerned for national security and practical approach and stated that to acquire competence for war and to improve the same is inevitable for the nation.

Admission to Naval College of Engineering

Naval College of Engineering is an institute run by the Indian Navy near Lonavala. This college is considered to be the best engineering college of Asian continent.

Engineer in Indian Army

For any patriotic person, safety of nation is of utmost importance. The Indian Army expects from students of science stream that they invent new technologies for security of the nation and implement same in Army and therefore, special engineering colleges are being run by the Army.

Girls : as Army Officer

Having decided to open Army for recruitment of girls, large number of adventurous girls are joining Army. Girls are appointed as an officer in the Army. Girls need not have to take position during war like male soldiers nor they have to go for patrolling at Siachin glaciers.