Career in Economics

This is the time of economic globalization time. Industrialization has grown in all the countries across the globe. Industrial production has registered growth in manifold. With technological infrastructure, the manufacturing processes have become faster and efficient. Indian industries have also registered significant growth during fifty years. Market is flooded with novel varieties of goods. Thus, while the supply has increased, sphere of economic factors have expanded significantly, the need has arisen for those who have knowledge about economic factors in the marketing arrangements, skill to analyze the trends. In private sector, every concern has to analyze various complicated data as also they are expected of having knowledge of economic affairs concerning Government departments. Correct decisions can be taken only through proper analysis of economic factors right from local level to international level. Therefore, knowledge of economics becomes essential in the course patterns.

Various courses in Economics available in Gujarat :

  B.A. (Economics) M.A. (Economics)
Eligibility Standard 12 pass B.A.
Duration 3 years 2 years

There is specific demand for teachers, lecturers and Principals in Schools and colleges for Economics subject. Out of more than 500 universities in the country, almost all are having Arts Colleges and Economics Department.

Apart from this, there are always demand for the candidates having knowledge and interest of Economics for various posts like journalists, Editor etc. in reputed publication houses publishing economic periodicals like Financial Express, Economic Times, Vyapar, Business Today, Business India, Business World, Business Standard and others.