Earth Sciences

Exploring secrets of earth is not only interesting but can also be beneficial from monetary point of view as also a window to open plentiful career opportunities for you. IIT, Mumbai is conducting 2-years M.Tech. course in Petroleum-Geo Sciences through its Department of Earth Sciences. There are 11 seats where all practical aspects of earth sciences are covered.

In M.Sc. program, all theoretical aspects are covered whereas in M.Tech. programs, practical aspects like petroleum exploration, exploration of metal and non-metallic minerals and ground water are given emphasis. Earth Sciences program not only assist in exploration of raw material for industrial growth, but it also reveals information on basic aspects of the earth also.

IIT also conducts course in Earth Sciences Geo-exploration where M.Tech. courses are available in the subjects of exploration of water/minerals/ petroleum under the crust of earth.

Learning Earth Sciences is very experimental and lucrative from economic point of view also. In this age of growing demand for energy and earth sciences, it provides opportunity for advanced research systems, auditing of coal and petroleum, atomic mineral and hydro-energy fields which remained unexplored and tough sources.

No. Eligibility Institute Name Course Fee
1 4 years (8 semesters) Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai/Roorkee/ Kharagpur. Rs.46,000/-