Faster medium for career – Automobile Engineering

Once considered to be a luxury, Car has now become need of daily life for most of people. The use of automobile has been now increasing day by day in various means like tractor for cropping, truck, rickshaw, bus, scooter, car etc. for transportation of men and material.

What is automobile engineering ?

All categories of vehicles running with petrol, diesel, gas or batter is called automobile and the work related to designing, manufacturing, maintenance and repairs of all kind of vehicles is called Automobile Engineering. Repairing of vehicle is only one of the aspects of automobile engineering. Therefore, it is absolutely incorrect to believe that automobile engineering means a 'blue collar job'. Automobile engineering is basically sub-branch of mechanical engineering.

Courses available:

Aspirants of career in automobile sector can join any of available courses depending upon his capability and need. The person who has to undertake work of research and development in automobile field, should first obtain degree of B.E. (Automobile) and than proceed for further studies in M.E. and Ph.D.

Those who are interested in production related work of automobile design, manufacturing etc. shall also have to opt for B.E. (Automobile) Course. In Gujarat, course of B.E. (Automobile) is available at three institutes including L.D. Engineering College, Ahmedabad under Technical Education Department of Government of Gujarat and Indus Institute of Technology at Ahmedabad and A.D.Patel Institute of Technology at Karamsad. For admission to B.E. (Automobile) course, Standard-12 passed with mathematics subject in science stream and JEE is essential. For admission to these courses, one has to participate in the admission process being conducted by the Admission Committee for Professional Courses in Gujarat after declaration of results of Standard-12.

If you don't tend to go through Standard-12 science study but desirous of building career in automobile sector in production and at level of maintenance supervisor, Diploma in Automobile Engineering course run by Gujarat's Technical Education Department is also available for the students having passed Standard-10 exam with maths, science and English subjects.

For detailed information on various courses available after Standard-10 and on admission process for the same, visit website of the Admission Committee for Professional Courses -

Employment opportunities can also be availed in automobile sector by getting trained in skills of mechanic or fitter. For this purpose, you can select from various courses including courses offered by I.T.I. related to automobile like Motor Vehicle Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic, Auto Electrical and Electronics Mechanic, Driver cum Mechanic, Servicing of New Generation Car etc. and other courses related to mechanical line. For admission to all these courses, you should be Standard-10 pass. For further information on admission, please visit your nearest I.T.I. or visit website.

Automobile Designing:

Those who intend to build their career in automobile design instead of automobile maintenance, a course named Post Graduate Diploma Program in Transportation and Automobile is available at National Institute of Design which is a national level reputed instituted located at Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar. Candidates having B.Tech. or B.E. degree in Automobile, Mechanical, Mecatronics etc. are eligible for admission. Duration of this course is 30 months. For further information on this course, please visit website of the institute -

Job opportunities:

Job opportunities in automobile sector in the country are going to grow. Use of different kinds of vehicles has increased today and due to entry of foreign companies in India in this sector, opportunities of job have increased. After obtaining degree of Automobile Engineering, ample opportunities are available on various positions in Government and private sector. Possibilities are there for job on the post of Assistant Motor Vehicles Inspector in RTO, as a Head Mechnic in State Road Transport as also in Municipal Transport Service, P.W.D., police department and defense organizations of Government of India. Job can also be easily obtained as a mechanic in the private companies manufacturing automobile or automobile spare parts. Deploying an Automobile Engineer at service stations of authorized dealers of reputed automobile companies are also necessary and number of such authorized dealers and service stations are coming up now a days. Opportunities are increasing for job for the candidates of Diploma in Automobile Engineering. Due to globalization and liberal economic policies, many multinational automobile giants have established their manufacturing units in India hence great demand for talented and skilled, young Automobile Engineer has increased in manifold.

Prospects of self-employment:

In automobile industry, person having knowledge of repairing is called 'person having handy skill'. He who can identify fault of vehicle, can earn handsome amount within few moments. In this sector, you can establish your self-employment with meager investment, as a mechanic. By managing little more investment, you can start self-employment by setting up units for wheel balancing, wheel alignment, gas kit fitting, car air-conditioning, accessory manufacturing and marketing etc. So as to claim insurance for damage caused due to any accident, certificate of a Surveyor is essential hence independent profession as a Surveyor or Loss Assessor can also be started with insurance company. Similarly, profession as Auto Advisor, Driving School or RTO Agent can also be started. After completing Diploma in Automobile and gaining little experience as a mechanic, profitable business of automobile show-room with franchise of a reputed automobile brand can also be started.