I. T. Certification – for beginning of career or to give momentum to the career

Acquiring advanced skill not only help in securing good job but also help in pushing forward the career. Number of benefits are there for the career by expertising the technology with I.T. Certification. Computers once occupying large space on the desk have now reduced to palm size which symbolizes fast pace of development in information technology. Those who master the technological skill according to the need of different companies will prosper, progress and remain in demand always. Similarly, the professionals must keep updating their knowledge to keep in pace with the technological advancement. Beyond regular degree courses, technical expertise can be acquired though Certificate/ Diploma to lead the business. Certification enriches the computer skill. Certification mainly include – Cloud Computing, Network Security and Privacy. With introduction of embedded system in mobile, newer avenues for career in mobile applications are offered. In the filed of service provider of routine daily life needs, E-commerce and Health Infomatics along with E-governance and Digital Media service are in increasing demand. Selection of the institute for joining course must be given due weightage for professional certification to boost the career. After Standard-12, opportunity is there for foundation course to learn programming language. Students of any stream can get admission. Skill is improved due to certification. The program improves knowledge of experienced persons. Practical knowledge can be gained through learning Business Analysis on Cloud platform. E-commerce is helped through Digital Marketing. Commercial activities are proved to have assisted search, key-word, social media and google add word.

When we are living through the modern high-tech period of Twenty First Century, it may not be fair if we miss to mention about the I.T. field. The students pursuing high level technical courses and getting education from reputed educational institute may not have to face difficulty in securing employment or rather they get placements through campus interviews. Job can be easily secured by pursuing short term I.T. related courses. Some of such courses are as under:

  1. Mobile Apps Development : This course offering learning of Android Mobile apps, windows mobile apps etc. is in high demand now a days. Course duration is 3 to 12 months.
  2. Course related to Security Testing : After the mobile application is developed, its security level needs to be tested. It has been common affair that in today’s mobile age, cyber attacks on mobile apps are increasing hence such a course is in great demand.
  3. Cyber Security and Forensic Courses : Those who are having contacts in I.T. field must pursue this course. Duration of such course can be from two months to two years.
  4. Search Engine Optimization : In this course, students are imparted training on developing the website links of the company on home pages of search engines like Google and Yahoo.
  5. Technical Support Courses : By joining Technical Support Courses by investing lower rates of fees, one can acquire knowledge to rectify computer errors and various technical support services like attending complaints of lower speed of computer, data loss and others.