Important addresses and websites for study abroad

For America: 78, Bhulabhai Desai Road, Lincoln House, Mumbai 400026, India.

For Canada :

Canada Immigration – Canada High Commission, Immigration Section, Chanakyapuri, P.O. Box No.5209, New Delhi 110021.

For Germany :


For U.K. :

On Education in the U.K – Information about British Education online.

U.K. Universities, Colleges – http://www.sici.w/ British High Commission, Churchgate, Mumbai, India.
For Scholarship –

For Australia:


International English Language Testing System is introduced for verifying about command over English in the students desirous to get admission to Universities of U.K. and for determining his eligibility. Through this test, it is examined whether the student is able to study in U.K. and can effectively communicate in English. The test is divided into two parts – academic and general training module. Every module contains four parts – listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Passport is being used as identity card for filling application form and for entry to admission center. No entry shall be allowed without passport. – This test is being conducted jointly at international level by the British Council, IDP Education Australia and University of Cambridge Examination. All the test mechanism is devised by University of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages).

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) :

Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test is mandatory for admission to graduate level courses, except Management courses, in America. Through this test, skill developed by you during your education career in verbal, quantitative and analytical writing arrears are being tested. The score you achieve in this test can make admission to a good graduate school easier. This test is being conducted online right now and is known as ‘Computer Based GRE’. This test is divided into two parts – general and subject. Some of Graduate Schools insist for GRE score in Subject. GRE test is being conducted in 14 different subjects viz.

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Computer Science
  5. Economics
  6. Engineering
  7. Geology
  8. History
  9. Literature in English
  10. Mathematics
  11. Music
  12. Physics
  13. Psychology
  14. Sociology

Computer Based GRE : General test have three to four sections.

Verbal ability :

30 questions under this section are divided into four parts :

  1. Antonym : These questions directly related to vocabulary may have option of five words against respective word and out of them, you have to select the best suitable antonym. It may happen that you must be unaware of many of those words. Your extensive reading and large vocabulary can be helpful to you here.
  2. Analogy: Like antonym, the words related to analogy are also part of vocabulary. Here, you have to understand relations between the word and the thought. Given one pair of words for example, you have to look for another pair of words having same relation. Here, there are various types of relations. Mostly, pairs of synonyms and words related to cause and effect are given.
  3. Sentence completion : In this section, your skill of ‘reading comprehension’ and ‘vocabulary’ is tested together. It is essential to understand the logic, style or tone of the given sentence. The best option is to be selected for completing the sentence.
  4. Reading comprehension: Your competence of systematic reading, understanding and interpretation is tested. This skill is very useful in your study and practical life as well. Reading of different sectors can be helpful to you. –

A new horizon : Study in America :

Those who are not resident of America, not citizen of America and still wish to pursue higher studies in America can get admission to American Universities by procuring F-1 (Non-immigrant) Student Visa. Apart from F-1 category visa, students can go to America by procuring Visa under other categories as well.

Categories of Visa granted for study :

F-1 or Student Visa: This is a very common type of Visa for students of countries other than America, who wish to join courses at U.S.A. Students desirous to study in authorized universities and colleges of America must have to obtain this Visa.

J-1 or Exchange Visitor Visa: J-1 Visa is for the students those who want to participate in Exchange Visitor Program in practice at USA. For educational and cultural exchange program, J-1 Visa is being issued.

M-1 or Student Visa: This visa is for those who intend to pursue non-educational program or professional courses or training in U.S. institutes.

Remember :

If you wish to apply for Visa to High Commission of U.S., you need to have ready with you the documents necessary for SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System), such as I-20 or DS-2019. You must possess authority letter as may have been issued by American university or concerned department where you want to go. Students, while applying for Visa, must enclose this sponsor letter. After having been confirmed to join any Exchange Program or admission to any educational course of institute or college, the students can have this sponsor letter under SEVIS. Therefore, before applying for Visa, you must complete necessary admission process for joining any institute or course.

If you want to participate under exchange program, consent letter from the institute or college is necessary. The institute or college sponsoring you also can provide you proper information for procuring Visa as also necessary guidance for education in USA. While applying for Visa, along with necessary documents, payment of SEVIS fee and Visa processing fee all needs to be made.

The procedure explained here for U.S. Embassy, Consulate may also differ from what is stated here and therefore, visit official website of U.S. Embassy so as to obtain specific date and time for visa interview from the said website. At the cost of repetition, let me advice you to visit official website of U.S. Embassy to have latest information on procedure.

Students when visit U.S. Embassy to face the interview, must carry with them necessary documents like Visa qualifying document (I-20/DS-2019), educational certificates, documentary evidences in support of financial soundness, receipts of Visa processing fee and SEVIS fee and duly filled visa application form. Students must verify carefully about the details filled in by them in the application form.

The first test for study abroad : TOEFL

Students desirous to pursue study in foreign universities, more particularly in America, have to appear for Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). TOEFL is for those whose first language is not English, through which it can be verified how skilled student is to speak English with American assent, and how properly he can listen, read and write and speak English. Marks scored in TOEFL are acceptable by more than 6,000 colleges of 110 countries worldwide.

From September, 2006, TOEFL exam has become Internet Based Test (iBT). Where there is no internet facility available, TOEFL can be attempted through Paper-based Test also in addition to iBT.

Internet-based Test : 

TOEFL internet-based test is a test to examine command over English language. Command over a language includes all four aspects – read, write, speak and listen.

Internet-based test is authorized test and the emphasis is given on the language as spoken, written, read and listened in college or institute during studies. Internet-based test (iBT) has four sections:

  1. Assessment of competency of reading: This section is meant to assess competence of student to read study material.
  2. Assessment of competency of listening: This section is for the purpose of examining whether the student is able to understand properly the lectures of Professor in English at college or institute.
  3. Assessment of competency to speak: This section helps to examine competency of the student to speak in English.
  4. Assessment of ability to write: Through test of this section, student’s writing ability is tested as to how and how much he can write during the study at college or institute.

Centers of TOEFL :

Internet-based : Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Mumbai.

Paper-based :

Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Trivendrum.

Eligibility for TOEFL:

Anybody can appear for TOEFL test, without any restriction of age limit nor requirement of any particular Degree. Marks scored in TOEFL remain valid for two years.

How to apply ? Internet-based Testing (iBT) :

You can attempt TOEFL through the selected authorized Education Testing Centers in your town. Fee for iBT test is 150 US $ whereas for Paper-based Test it is 140 US $. It is necessary to carry your I-card on the date so fixed for your test. You can register online for iBT test. Registration can also be through phone or email.

National Merit Scholarship :

National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) is granting scholarship to talented students on merit for higher education. This reputed organization is very old. Thousands of students have been given scholarship every year since 1964. 55,000 high school level students selected under the National Merit Program and more than 10,500 college undergraduates selected under National Achievement Program are being given scholarship by this organization. It announces scholarships worth 50 million dollars (Rs.5 crores) for college undergraduates every year. Citizenship of USA is must to have benefit of this Scholarship. The students those who have applied for permanent residents can also apply for examination for this scholarship. Approximately 1,30,000 students participate every year in qualifying test for this scholarship, out of which only 4,600 are fortunate to beg this scholarship. Address : National Merit Scholarship Corporation, 1560, Shermon Avenue, Suit 200, Ivenston, Illinois 60201-4897.