Lucrative career opportunities for Graduates of Multi-media development and fine-arts students

The time to come is multi-media age. Million dollar entertainment industry is under influence of multimedia and animation technology now. Almost all Hollywood movies contain such special technological tricks. Multimedia technology has influenced print media as well in addition to the Hindi film industry.

Construction of websites being launched on the internet is also part of multimedia work. Multimedia is becoming major part of the interactive applications developed for large industrial houses and in the field of architecture. To be precise, it can be said that experts of this art full of imagination and creativity can build a very lucrative career in this field. Multimedia and computer arts experts are in heavy demand not only in India but across the globe. Software companies, publication houses, film production houses and advertisement agencies are always in hunt for trained hands in this field.

Keeping in view such huge potential for skilled personnel in this multimedia field, Government of India paid attention on this area and the Center for Development of Advance Computing (C-DAC) working under the Department of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India was assigned the task to explore possibilities in this area.