Transportation and Automobile Design

Transportation in India is mostly technology driven. In automobile designs, adequate attention has not been paid on important factors like consumer needs, energy saving, cultural sensitivity and environment friendliness. However, in growing economy of India, all these factors have been of utmost importance due to faster transportation needs. Responding to the call of the hour, various institutes of the country have started Transportation and Automobile Design Courses.

National Institute of Design (NID) is conducting 30 months Post Graduate Course in Automobile Business. After this course, the student can become professional designer in industrial transportation or automotive sector. This course develops understanding of the students on the aspects of socio-economic, ecological, cultural and environments in the matter of transportation design as also helps them to understand moral responsibilities of a professional designer.

Maharashtra Institute of Technolgy offers six-months post-graduate diploma in Tool Design course. After this course, one can get job in auto industry or consumer electronics companies.


B.E./B.Tech./B.Arch./Mechanical or Diploma in Production Engineering.

Course fee:

Rs.15 lakh per year


National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad), Maharashtra Institute of Technology.